Lactation Business Coaching with Annie and Leah
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The smart way to create a compassionate and professional private practice, hosted by private practice IBCLCs Annie Frisbie and Leah Jolly.

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    Using your website to reach your ideal client

    As a private practice IBCLC your website is usually the first contact your prospective clients will have with you and your business. How your prospective client views you and your business through your website can impact whether or not they take the next steps in becoming your client. In this episode we will uncover the top must haves for your website!

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    Pediatrician reports—why bother?

    You know you’re supposed to send something to the baby’s pediatrician after a lactation consult, but how do you know what exactly to include when you aren’t even sure if it’ll ever be read?

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    How to boost your skills as a solo private practice lactation consultant

    The world of lactation is constantly changing and evolving which means it’s critical to be up to date on current practices as well as always working to hone and improve your skills. This can be challenging as a solo private practice IBCLC. Today we are going to discuss ways to boost your skills and stay up to date so that you can provide top notch care to the families you serve.

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    Launching Your Lactation Business

    In this episode of Lactation Business Coaching, hosts Annie Frisbie IBCLC and Leah Jolly IBCLC talk about the unique challenges of starting a business as a private practice lactation consultant. We go into how hard it is to charge money for something you’d do for free, and how to make peace with the inevitable expenses involved in starting a business. We know how much you want to be both compassionate and financially viable because we face this tension in our own private practices.