Lactation Business Coaching with Annie and Leah
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The smart way to create a compassionate and professional private practice, hosted by private practice IBCLCs Annie Frisbie and Leah Jolly.

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    Financial Real Talk: When You’re An IBCLC And Business Owner

    Got a handle on your business finances? Not all of us are prepared for what it means to be a small business owner – especially when it comes to finances. We’re here to help. In this episode, we share advice and helpful tips from our own experiences to help you succeed.

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    What Actually Happens During a Home Visit with a Lactation Consultant?

    Leah and Annie take you through their individual routines for home visits. Home visits are personal and relational and it’s important to create a safe and comfortable environment for your clients. If you’ve ever wondered how another lactation consultant runs a home visit, this is your chance to be a fly on the wall.

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    Imposter Syndrome: When You Think You’re a Terrible IBCLC

    Have you ever wondered when everyone around you is going to realize that you’re the worst lactation consultant on the planet? Well, we have! It’s called imposter syndrome, and we’re pretty sure this is going to be a terrible episode on the topic where you figure out we have no idea what we’re talking about.

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    The Delicate Balance: Personal and Professional Time

    When you have a private practice, it’s so easy for your work life to bleed into your home life. Finding a rhythm for your days can help prevent you from working all the time. In today’s episode, Annie & Leah share their own schedules and give ideas for finding the right time for all the personal and professional things you need to do.

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    Charting Tips and Strategies for IBCLCs

    Documenting what happens at a lactation consult is super important for so many reasons, but figuring out just want to say and how to say it can be challenging. In this episode, Annie and Leah will explain their approaches to charting and offer you tips and strategies for making this critical task less overwhelming. Whether you’re paperless or love your clipboard and folders, this episode will help you streamline your charting workflow and feel confident in your documentation.

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    Compassion fatigue and the IBCLC

    We’re working with families in their most desperate moments, and we’ve all experienced those moments when we feel like we can’t give anymore—hello, compassion fatigue.

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